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Brigid McGrath Stasen
Brigid McGrath Stasen
About etcetera
About etcetera

Effortless, casual, and approachable, we offer insight and attention to create a one-of-a-kind personalized experience to create your spirited style -- the difference between buying an outfit and building a wardrobe.

Why Etcetera?

Nothing says customer service quite like our team of trained Stylists who understand your personal flair and contemporary taste to provide a one-on-one tangible experience with solutions that fit your needs. Designed in NYC with quality fabrics from Europe, our diverse collections keep up with the runway trends but still adhere to our own, unique style to give you an authentic wardrobe.

Why work with our Stylists?

Style is about making real connections and sharing stories. Our etcetera Stylists love working one-on-one and you can depend on her to be more than just a stylist. She’ll be a trusted friend with everything from great style advice and expertise to impeccable, personalized service. The voice of etcetera is the collective voice of the stylist: feminine, free-spirited, charismatic and conversational -- your trusted style guru with the wisdom of an older sister and the passion of a friend.

A Taste of What we can do


Our Stylists all across America are creative, ambitious and intelligent women who are confident in style and in their community.

“I was inspired to become a stylist with etcetera because of my love for the clothes and the flexibility to be a stay-at-home mom for my young children while owning my own business. My favorite thing about being part of the etcetera community is the support from women all over the country. It is amazing the lifelong friendships I have created with people all over different states. These women become a part of your family and the relationships that I have made will last a lifetime. This can be such a rewarding career if you give it all you have.”


“At etcetera, every piece is designed from conception to color in a way that rivals and often surpasses high end clothing brands. The brand prioritizes versatility, ensuring that the same top or dress that a woman wears to work can be easily woven into a dressed up affair scheduled later in that evening. The same color palette is integrated seamlessly in every etcetera collection, matching them with previous or future seasons; this allows our clients the ability to build an exceptional wardrobe over time. We offer solutions for women that travel.”


“Flexibility is very important to me. I have two very busy young sons, so it was absolutely essential that I find an Opportunity which took my crazy life into account. With etcetera, I am able to adjust my work schedule in most situations to suit our family life and its demands. As an Area Development Manager, I value and seek vitality, family, and community involvement in our Stylists. Our Stylists bring their own individual experiences, creativity, depth, and talent when they work with etcetera. I am proud to be able to bring the etcetera Opportunity to interesting, engaging people to help realize their goals. Helping grow this brand and its mission is a true joy for me.”



How it works


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